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product one

Slewing Bearing

1) Ring forging

2) Size: diameter from 95 to 7500mm, with the height below 1300mm.

3) Class: according to customers’ request

4) Stainless steel ring forging, carbon steel ring forging and alloy steel ring forging

Material include: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321

    C22.8, A105, SA350 LF2, P280GH, P250GH, Q235B, Q345E

F11, F22, F51, F53, 16Mo3, TStE355 etc

5) Standard: ASME, ANSI, API, DIN, BS, EN, JIS, JPI

6) ISO 9001 certificate, 3.1B, JIS, ABS, BV, DNV certificates provided

7) Delivery: according to the quantity

8) Packing: according to the customers’ request

We manufacture all kinds of ring forgings.

I. Wind PowerFlange

Besidesproducing of onshore wind power flanges, the company is also the first batch inthe industry to produce offshore wind power matching products. At present, the companyhas successfully researched and developed offshore wind power 3.0 MW, 3.6MW and 5.0MW tower flange manufacturing process. The company has beensuccessfully equipped tower flanges for the 3.6MW and 5.0MW fans of China's firstoffshore wind farm – Shanghai Donghai Great Bridge Offshore Wind Farm, andalso equipped tower flanges for the 3.0MW fan of Jiangsu Nantong offshore windfarm. The company is trying to research and manufacture the 7MW offshore wind towerflange in accordance with one international large-scale windpower manufacturer. In order to expand the company’s advantages in the fieldof offshore wind power equipment. To enhance the company's corecompetitiveness, the technical research & develop personnel is furtherdevelop the larger MW offshore wind tower flange, gear blank ofoffshore wind power gear box , connection flange of offshorewind power host box and other new products.

II. MatchingParts and Components for Machinery Industry

Ringforgings and free forgings, the products include slewing bearing ring, drive gearblanks and other free forgings etc.


III. Large-ScaleRing Forging for Metal Pressure Vessel

MetalPressure Vessel is a kind of metal sealed device used for placing gas orliquid, which bears certain pressure. Based on theroles in the process, it can be divided into four majorcategories, including reaction vessel, heat exchangingvessel, separating vessel and storage vessel. Metal pressurevessel body mainly consists of 8 parts, including cylinder body, seal head,flange, sealing elements, bores and pipe connections, bearings,safety devices and instruments. It can be widely usedin petrochemical, energy, scientific research andmilitary industries.


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