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Spherical Forging


Spherical Forging used for Large-Scale Valve

I. Free Forging Used for Metal Pressure Vessel

Metal Pressure Vessel is a kind of metal sealed device used for placing gas or liquid, which bears certain pressure. Based on the roles in the process, it can be divided into four major categories, including reaction vessel, heat exchanging vessel, separating vessel and storage vessel. Metal pressure vessel body mainly consists of 8 parts, including cylinder body, seal head, flange, sealing elements, bores and pipe connections, bearings, safety devices and instruments. It can be widely used in petrochemical, energy, scientific research and military industries.

II. Parts and Components of Turbine

Turbine is a kind of rotary prime mover which can converse the steam thermal energy into mechanical work. It is widely used for industries such as metallurgical, chemical, ship, electric power and other industries. Turbine mainly consists of two parts, including rotary part and stationary part. The rotary part is also known as the "rotor", including main shaft, impeller, moving blades, couplings etc.; The stationary part includes steam inlet part, cylinder, partitions and static cascade, steam seal and bearings. At present, the company mainly produces the ring of the turbine.

III. Spherical Forging used for Large-Scale Valve

IV. Main Shaft used for Wind Power Industry

V. Shaft used for Ship


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